How do I use the image editor in my email marketing campaigns?

This article will show how to use advanced image editing tools in email marketing campaigns.

Opening the Image Editor

To start, go to Marketing > Campaign List

Then, either create a new email by clicking New Campaign or open an existing draft email that you've created already by clicking on the name of a Draft campaign.


Once you're in the email editor, click the Image button to begin inserting an image.


Then, choose if you want to add 1 image, 2 images side-by-side, or 3 images side-by-side.


Once you've found the image you wish to use, hover your mouse over it and click the Edit button to open the image editor.


Or, if you've already inserted the image, single-click the image and click Edit to open the image editor.


Using the Image Editor

The tools in the screenshot below are available to help you create your desired design.


Crop or Resize

Use this tool to make the desired size, and crop out certain areas if you like.

To crop your image, use the Crop Size tool on the left if you know the exact dimensions you wish to crop to or use the Common Crops options to select a cropped size quickly.


Once cropped, you can move the cropped area to a desired part of the image


and you can click and drag your mouse on the corner to resize


To Rotate the image, use the buttons and slider at the bottom of the image



When using the image filters, start by clicking a filter category, then click a filter to apply it. You can use the Filter Intensity slider to adjust the intensity.


Feel free to click between different filters until you find the one that suits your image the best.

If you need to, you can click the blue button to reset the image and remove any applied filter.



Use the focus tool to apply a blurred effect to parts (or all) of your image. Click and drag the lines to move the blurred area, then use the Focus Intensity slider to adjust the blur strength.



Click the New Text button to add some simple text, then click the Edit button to customize the text.


If you want to add graphical design-style text rather than simple text, you can use the Text Design tool instead.

You can click-and-drag the text box to move it around or click-and-drag on the corners and/or edges of the box to resize it.


Use the options on the left-hand side to adjust the text font, font size, alignment, and color.


If these options are greyed out for you, single-click your text, and the options will become available. 

You can also adjust the text to a specific color by clicking a color option and then clicking it again to bring up the color palette.


Text Design

Click the New Text Design to start adding your text, then use the options on the left to choose your preferred color and design style.

You can also adjust the text to a specific color by clicking a color option and then clicking it again to bring up the color palette.

Use the Edit button to customize the text.



You can use the brush tool to draw over the image. Select your preferred brush color, size, and hardness, then draw on the image.


Adding your Edited Image to your Email

Once you're happy with your image edits, click the Save button to add the image to your email.


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