How do I set up Pin codes & Access Levels for staff members?

This article will show you how PIN codes can be enabled for your staff to restrict access within Phorest.

Assigning PIN Codes

The first step is to ensure that every staff member has a PIN number assigned to them. You can do this by going to Manager > Staff Members, then single-click a staff member's name to access their staff profile. Enter a PIN code in the System PIN field, and click Save to finish.

Emailing the PIN code to a Staff Member

After you have entered a PIN code and clicked save, you can email the PIN code to your staff member if you like by clicking Send PIN.

The PIN will be sent via email to the email address that is saved on the staff profile in the Email field.

An email must exist on the profile, and you must click Save first for the Send PIN button to work.

The email will look like this:


Setting up Access Levels

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Step-by-Step Guide

Go to Manager > Access & License Keys, and use the Access Level drop-down menu to select the Access Level you wish to edit.


Creating a New Access Level

If you need to create a new Access Level, you need to return to the Manager screen, then go to Staff Members > Access Levels > Add.


 Useful Tip!

If you're not sure what Access Level is assigned to a particular staff member, go to Manager > Staff Members and Single-click on the staff member's name. Their Access Level will be displayed on their main profile page.

Once you select an Access Level, use the > buttons to expand on each section and check or uncheck each access permission you would like to enable or disable for this profile. Once you're happy with your selection, click Save.


Using PIN Codes

Now that PIN codes are enabled, all staff must enter their PIN number to use the system. This verifies their access level and tracks certain interactions made by staff within the system.


Once entered, you will see their name registered in the top left-hand corner screen.


Note: For information on enabling PIN codes on an iPad, click here.

Logging Out of Phorest

It is important to advise all staff to log out of Phorest after use. This will ensure that staff do not have access to areas of the system where they shouldn't and will prevent any changes made from being recorded under the wrong staff name.

To log out of Phorest manually, click the Pad Lock icon shown in the screenshot below. This icon is found at the bottom left-hand corner of the system.


If you'd like your Phorest system to log staff members out after a certain time automatically, click here for a guide on setting up the Auto-Logout feature.

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