How do I use the Reviews screen?

This article will show you how to use the updated Reviews screen to manage your client reviews.

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Step-by-Step Guide

The Overview Screen

The Overview screen will give you a full list of every review you have received.

You can click a Review to view more details, and you can share reviews on Facebook.


Due to changes made by Twitter to their API, the Twitter share button is no longer available. Instead, you can click Copy Text, then paste the review to Twitter/X.  

You can also now share a review even if it has already been shared in the past. mceclip5.png

A review that has been shared to Facebook will display a    under the Facebook header.

Finding Specific Reviews

You can use the Filters at the top of the screen to find specific reviews, and you can now also filter the list to a particular Rating. mceclip5.png

Save and Print Reviews

If you would like to save or print some reviews, click the checkboxes beside each review > Print PreviewSave as PDF.

This can be a great way to highlight reviews with a staff member in a performance review by filtering to that staff member and then saving the reviews to share with them later.


Settings - Configuring Your Reviews

The Settings screen allows you to enable/disable the automatic Review message, choose how often you ask a client to leave a review and choose whether you would like to send review requests to clients by SMS, Email or Both

The review message is sent roughly 90 mins after an appointment has been paid for.

Editing and Previewing the Message Templates

From the Settings screen, click the Edit and Preview Message button to see what the message you send to clients will look like, and update it if you like.

Editing the Email Template

The email review template can be edited under the Email tab.

Once you're happy with your template, click Save & Preview to save it and to see what it will look like to your clients on both a desktop and mobile device mceclip5.png

Editing the SMS Template

The SMS review template can be edited under the SMS tab, and you will now see a mobile preview of the message mceclip5.png

Once you're happy with your SMS template, click Save to finish.

SMS messages will be charged at your standard SMS rate.

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