How and where is my data stored with Phorest?

This article will show you how and where your Phorest data is securely stored.

The Phorest system and all of the data is in state of the art IT systems that are provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We abide by best practices and perform regular security testing to ensure your data is safe.

Phorest Cloud and all related services are hosted in a virtual private network (VPC). This virtual network is dedicated to Phorest and is where all of our servers and databases are hosted

We tightly control access in and out of this VPC and only our dedicated DevOps team have this access. All DevOps team members have multi-factor authentication enabled on their Accounts. Our network is partitioned into layers where we have strict control of IP addresses and ports.

Our data is shared in multiple availability zones between EU-West-1 and US-East-1 depending on your business location.

Phorest Cloud uses HTTPS protocol for all transmission of data from our clients to our system, all communication is encrypted.

Our databases are managed by Amazons RDS, these databases are backed up daily and retained for 15 days.


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