This article will help you troubleshoot some common error messages that you may see on your PhorestPay card terminal.

This article applies to businesses in the US using PhorestPay through International Bancard.

International Bancard Contact Info

Should you need to reach out to International Bancard please contact them via phone at (800) 827-4880 (opt. 2) or email at

Lane Closed

The lane closed error can be caused if the PhorestPay device is connected to a different WiFi access point than the PC or if the WiFi signal that the device is connected to is not strong enough.

Here are the troubleshooting steps:

  1. Change WiFi connection - Delete the access point and set up the correct access point
  2. Restart the router - Turn the internet router off for 30 seconds and back on again, restart the device and set up a new access point

If all steps above do not work, Bancard tech support will need to be contacted.

Note: The error message "Card could not be processed" can also point to a connection issue within the client's network.

Purchase Failed

If Phorest says that the payment has failed during a transaction, but the device says accepted, this will mean that the amount has not been successfully charged and will result in the customer's bank statement showing the sale as pending and eventually failing.

Only when the change due screen appears, and the sale can be seen in Manager and Sales will the amount be successfully taken from the client's credit card. Any charges that have failed will be refunded back to the client's bank account in approx 2-4 business days.

Alert Irruption

There is an anti-tamper mechanism built into the iSMP4 that will throw this error and prevent the terminal from functioning if the mechanism senses the device may have been tampered with. This is triggered when the terminal:

  • Is dropped or takes hard impact
  • Gets water/liquid damage
  • An attempt is made to prise the terminal casing open

When this happens, the terminal can no longer be used and needs to be replaced. Bancard tech support will need to be contacted.


As long you can run other transactions, this points to an issue with the card-holders issuing bank. The client will have to contact their bank/cardholder to figure out why the transaction type is not being allowed.

Currently In Use By Another User

If you experience an error with Phorest saying that the device is being used by another user, but it isn't, then this is an issue with Bancard's server, and Bancard will need to be contacted.

Device Asking Clients To Remove Card Before Sale Has Completed

If the device is asking clients to remove their credit card before the sale has finished, then Bancard tech support will need to be informed so that they can look at the device further. 

Transaction failing while the terminal’s display is black

Here are the troubleshooting steps:

  1. Your card terminal enters sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity, and the WiFi antennae are disabled while in this state.
  2. To take the terminal out of sleep mode, press the small button on the right side of the terminal.

Cardshield: Provisioning would exceed licensed limit

image (5).png

The license for the device had expired and needs to be renewed. Bancard will need to be contacted.

Timeout after 30 seconds

If the PhorestPay device is timing out after 30 seconds when on the Tip Profile, this may mean that your computer is using a proxy server. If the computer uses a proxy server, it will not hold a secure connection, and Phorest will cancel the sale after 30 seconds.

 How to Disable Proxy On Mac -

  How to Disable Proxy On Windows:

Click on Start, select Settings and navigate to Network & Internet > Proxy.

  1. Toggle the option Automatically detect settings to ON
  2. Toggle the option Use a proxy server to OFF

You will then need to Restart Phorest after disabling the proxy.

No route/Subacct Configured for Cardtype or Trantype

image (6).png

The LAN and ISMP4 devices are not configured for Debit. You will need to run the Debit card as Credit on the PhorestPay device.

When a non-chip card, or chip card with a chip malfunction, is swiped and the terminal sees two applications on the card (Debit and Credit), it will ask the cardholder to choose between them. If you/the client choose Debit, it won’t be accepted as a pin-based Debit isn’t supported. If, instead, you run the transaction as Credit, the transaction will be accepted.

Mac Proxies Issue

This issue will be noticeable if you were previously able to process payments but no longer can. You will get an error stating can not process the card on Phorest. Another way to determine this is when going to Phorest Device Settings, the terminal is not shown in the drop-down and will not allow any changes.

Step 1: Go to System Preferences on Mac

Step 2: Go to Network

Step 3: Go to Advanced

Step 4: Click the Proxies tab

Step 5: Untick all items selected in the Protocol Configure box

Step 6: Make sure the Use Passive FTP Mode box is ticked, then click OK to save changes

Step 7: Restart Phorest and run a test sale

Token Reference Not Found or Tokenization Failure

This issue occurs when swapping from older to newer PhorestPay devices. You must reach out to Bancard about this issue, as they will perform a 'token migration.' This is usually a very quick process, and once done, existing stored cards should be able to be transferred.

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