How do I send a Phorest licence key to someone else?

This article will show you how you can send a Licence Key to someone else, so they can access your Phorest system on their own computer.

In Phorest, go to Manager > Access & Licence Keys, and click the Licence Keys tab at the top of the screen.

Here you will see a list of your current Licence Keys. To share a key with someone, click theĀ Share button beside one of the Available licence keys.

Note: Licence keys are single-use only, meaning you cannot use the same licence key on more than one computer. If you need to create a new licence key, click here for a guide on how to do that.


Type the email address you wish to send this Licence Key to, then click Share.


This will send an email directly to that person with the details of their licence key and an installation guide to get Phorest on their computer.


If the person you are sending a licence key to does not exist as a Staff Member currently in your Phorest system, click here for a guide on how to add a staff member.

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