How do I suggest new features or improvements to Phorest (Make a Suggestion)?

This article outlines how to have your say and help shape the future of your Phorest software

Make a Suggestion is a tool that allows Phorest users to help improve the software by suggesting new features and improvements. You can also view other user's suggestions and vote on them if you think they are good ideas. We review every suggestion, however suggestions with higher votes have a tendency to stand out from the crowd, so make sure to vote!

To access the page, go to Manager and click Make a Suggestion.


A web page will open in your internet browser when you click this button.

Click the Give Feedback button, then select the category where you'd like to post your suggestion.


Use the Create a Post section to start submitting your suggestion.

If the idea has been suggested by another person already, you'll see it appear as a Suggested post, and you can vote & comment on it. The more votes and comments on a post, the more it stands out from the rest.



If your idea hasn't already been posted, add some detail on why you feel your suggestion is needed to the Details section, then click Create Post to submit your suggestion.

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