How does a client pay for a service using a membership?

This article will explain the process of paying for services using client's memberships.

Please Note: The Memberships feature is currently only available for Phorest users in North America with a Phorest Pay card terminal.

Checking Out

Clicking Pay on the appointment. The purchase screen will recognize the client has a Membership on the client's file.

1. Membership Credit: The $ amount the client has left on their membership benefit will be displayed at the top.

2. Paid By Membership: The amount being paid with the membership will be displayed above the Amount Due on the checkout screen

Clicking Pay

Click Pay. The amount due will equal $0 (Once the client has not exceeded their value of benefit). Click Pay once again to complete the sale. Clients holding a membership can opt to pay for services outside of that membership will be expected to pay as normal.

Note: Staff members will receive a commission for services paid by memberships once the commission has been set up and assigned.

For a step by step guide of how to sell a membership click here

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