How to Export Client Details and Purchase Transactions to CSV from Phorest

The following tutorial explains how to export client information and purchase transaction history from Phorest. This will allow you to build custom reports, and also facilitate the import of data into different software systems such as accountancy packages.


Step-by-step guide

  1. The information can be accessed by clicking Manager - Business. The Transaction CSV Export will allow the export of all your transaction details. The CSV Export will allow you to choose a date range to export all transactional detail from that period. Please note the information will be exported during the night, and be available the next morning

  2. Once exported, the data can then be used to import into the Accountancy/CRM package of your choice, a new software and also used to create custom reports (with the assistance of your Developer/IT professional).


Please note, because of the sensitive nature of the data being exported, we would recommend you limit access to the Business section of the software!

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