How do I create a new Membership?

In this article, you will learn how to create a new Membership.

Please Note: The Memberships feature is currently only available for Phorest users in North America with a Phorest Pay card terminal.

To create a new Membership click Manager followed by Memberships

Here you will see a list of any existing Memberships that have been previously set up. To add a new Membership, click Add at the bottom of the screen.

Basic & Advanced

Before offering memberships to your clients you must first create the memberships in Phorest. There are 2 settings in a membership plan, basic and advanced. 

Basic Settings


This is the name of the Membership e.g Mini Membership, Elite Membership, Royal Membership, etc.

Billing Frequency

Billing frequency is the length of time that your membership charge covers, this can be Weekly, Monthly, or Annual.
Note: If your membership starts on the 1st of the month, the billing period will run to the 31st of that month, and the next billing period will start on the 1st of the next month.

Weekly, Monthly, or Annual Fee

This is the fee you will charge the client every week, month, or year.

Value Of Benefit

This is the credit you give to the client for their membership. This credit can be used on all services and packages but excludes special offers, courses, and products.

In the advanced settings, you can tailor each membership to only include specific services.

For example, If a client has a monthly membership that costs $40 with a monthly benefit of $50 they can spend this membership credit at any point in the month on valid services. If they do not use it in the month their credit rolls over so that next month they have $100 credit to spend.

Discount After Benefit

If you want, you can add a percentage discount on particular services after their membership credit has been used during the membership period (week, month, or year).

For example, adding 10% here means that when a client visits the salon, and they have redeemed all their credit for the month, they will receive a 10% discount on any services allowed in the discount.

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings allow you to have add on fees, discounts for products and refine the services available on the membership. The settings are as follows:

Sign Up Fee

This a one-off fee that the customer pays when they purchase a membership on top of their initial membership fee.

Sign Up Fee Tax

This is the tax rate that is added to the Sign Up Fee.

Product Discount               

This is the percentage discount for members any time they buy a product in your salon.

Service Section

This is where you set the services and packages to be included in the membership. Only services that are selected here are eligible for both the membership credits and discounts.

Once you are happy with all the information click Save at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

The Membership is now active.

 Important Information

  • Every time a member uses credit to pay for a service the tax will be calculated against the service. There will be no tax on the weekly, monthly or yearly credit card charge for the membership.

  • Once you create a membership and sell it you cannot change any setting as it will affect existing members. You must create a new membership with your new changes.

To see a step by step guide of how to view client membership information click here

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