How to sell a Membership?

This article will guide you through the steps to sell a membership.

The Membership feature is currently only available to clients in the United States using PhorestPay through Bancard.

Video: Sell Membership Programs with Phorest Pay

Step-by-Step Guide

To sell a Membership you must first set up a membership on your Phorest system. Click here for more on creating a membership.

Go to the Purchase. Enter the Client details for the client purchasing the membership, then select a Staff member selling the membership.


Memberships are located under the Hot Keys button.


Click the Memberships button to see all the memberships setup on your Phorest system


This is a list of all your Memberships. Select a Membership EG VIP.


A client may not have a card stored on their client card. Click Yes to add their card details using Phorest Pay.


Choose the process of charging the membership. Click Charge Now or Charge Tonight.


The Membership has now been successfully sold to the client. The credit card will be charged from that point forward matching the billing frequency of weekly, monthly or yearly.

To learn more information on how to view a client's membership information, check out this guide.

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