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Feature Availability

This feature is currently only accessible in North America and is not available in the following states: Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. These states have their own distributors.

The Aveda Empowered Ordering integration connects your Phorest system directly to the Aveda Portal, meaning you no longer need to create an order on Phorest and then re-create the same order again in the Aveda Portal.

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Enabling the Integration

The Aveda Empowered Ordering integration is only available for businesses that directly order their Aveda products from Aveda, and is not available for businesses that source their Aveda products through other distributors.

To get started, go to ManagerIntegrationsAveda Empowered Ordering, then connect to the Aveda Portal using your Aveda Salon ID.

You can find this ID by logging into the Aveda Portal, and it will be listed as your SAP ID.

How Does it Work?

After you've created an order in Phorest, you can now choose to Send Order to Aveda under Order Actions.

The order will then be sent to your Aveda Portal.

It's important to have your Aveda product barcodes updated in order for the integration to work successfully. Click here for information on how to update your product barcodes.


My Orders screen looks different, and I do not see the 'Send Order to Aveda' option.

If you do not see the Order ActionsSend Order to Aveda option, please contact to have this screen enabled.

I’m getting an error saying that a product was not in stock or did not match Aveda's product range. What can I do?

First, check that the barcode for the product in your Phorest system is correct. Click here for information on how to update your product barcodes.

If the barcode is correct, then the product is not currently in stock with Aveda, and you will need to remove it from the order within your Phorest system and then click Send Order to Aveda again.

Will this integration be available in any other regions outside of the US and Canada?

There are currently no plans to bring this feature to any other regions.

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