Does Phorest online booking work with Meta Pixel? (Facebook)

 First Steps!

Before using the Meta Pixel, you'll need to make sure you have your Online Booking connected to Facebook and/or Instagram. If you haven't done this already, check this guide out to get started.

The Meta Pixel is an advanced analytics tool made by Facebook. The Meta Pixel base code is automatically installed on your Phorest online booking page meaning, once your Phorest Online Booking is connected, you can use the Meta Pixel analytics tool to gain further insights into customer behavior on your online booking pages.

Online Booking events tracked for Pixel

  • Page View
  • Schedule
  • Add-to-Cart with the following variables:
    • Name
    • id
    • Category
    • Price
    • Type
    • Currency

Check out these articles from Facebook for further information on the Meta Pixel


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