What is the difference between a Transactional message and a Marketing message?

Transactional Messages

A Transactional message refers to a message directly related to a business transaction you have with a client.

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Appointment Confirmations
  • Consultation Form messages
  • Video Consultation messages
  • Rebooking SMS
  • Post-appointment Review requests sent via the Marketing > Review section
  • No Show notifications
  • Email receipts
  • TreatCard Referral confirmations
  • The Client Welcome email under Marketing > Facebook.

A client's consent settings for transactional messages can be seen and updated in their Client Card under Reminder Consent.


Note: Clients will still receive the Appointment Confirmation SMS/Email even if opted out of Reminder Consent.

Marketing Messages

A Marketing message refers to a message sent to a client in an attempt to gain more business from the client i.e. the message is not related to an existing transaction you have had with the customer and as such, it falls under the need to have opt-in consent before sending such marketing.

Examples of marketing messages in your Phorest system are:

  • Email campaigns/messages sent via the Marketing section
  • SMS campaigns/messages sent via the Marketing section
  • Messages sent via the Client Reconnect feature
  • Messages sent via the Online Reputation feature

A client's consent settings for marketing messages can be seen and updated in their Client Card under Marketing Consent.


It is important to understand these differences and to not use a Transactional message feature to send a message that will be interpreted as marketing, in order to respect the privacy of the client and also in order to remain compliant with GDPR (if applicable to your geographical location). For more information on GDPR and Phorest, check out our GDPR FAQ.

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