Boost Your Color Profits With Vish

Designed by leading colorists and salon owners, Vish is the industry’s leading color management system, helping salons eliminate color waste, increase color profits, and control pricing.

Combining a premium Bluetooth scale and an easy-to-use iPad application, Vish connects seamlessly with your Phorest system, so they work and communicate together.

There are three core ways that Vish revolutionizes your color revenue

Eliminate Waste

New Vish users often go from wasting up to 40% of their color to virtually zero. This impacts overall turnover in many ways, but the reduction in your back bar costs pay for the system. Salons using Vish have gone from using six tubs of lightener each week down to only two.

Capture All Services Accurately

Whether you suspect things get missed or are confident they don’t, Vish has shown that the average salon gains up to 15% in revenue from the Vish front desk app capturing all the small changes that happen in the chair automatically. Vish automates the calculation based on dispensed color for the service, communicating back to the front desk to be added to the ticket. 

Price Your Services for Profit 

Color services have an average range of 20% in profit margin, meaning you are likely making less on some services than you think. The data collected by Vish enables the owner to price services based on reality versus assumptions, offering flexibility in setting business rules for how services are priced. Product allowances can be set by service to charge for additional color or separate product and labor completely knowing that clients are shown transparently how much color was used during their service. 

Vish supercharges your color revenue, seamlessly integrating with Phorest to help track color notes and formulas and also push appointments back to the color bar to keep in-salon communication and efficiency at their best. 

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The Ultimate Color Management Ecosystem

When the Vish founders scoped their solution to combat color waste and eroded profitability, they knew the solution needed the technology to support everyone, or else it would help no one. Vish is the first and only system that considers the entire ecosystem in the salon and mirrors it in its technology.

Integration That Makes Life Easier 

All appointments booked in your Phorest system are available in Vish, with client visits and color data being captured automatically by Vish and stored in Phorest. Vish Front Desk also captures any service add-ons or changes, ensuring you capture 100% of the revenue that walks through your door. 

Capture All Color Revenue 

Vish sends all service data to the front desk, giving you the freedom to decide how you want to charge your clients, whether that’s implementing extra product charges or charging for products separately. All notes captured by Vish get passed to Phorest for safekeeping, ensuring client satisfaction is at its best in your salon. 

Create The Most Efficient Color Business 

Super-charged analytics allow you to track employee performance, identify trends, forecast your inventory requirements, and manage your color spending all in one easy-to-understand system. 

With this integration, Vish and Phorest capture all details of every formula mixed, your team no longer needs to manually input color notes, consistent color is mixed every time, services are never missed at checkout, and in-depth analytics enable you to manage your business efficiently—delivering a huge increase in color profits without more services being delivered. 

Get Started with Vish

To get started with integrating your Phorest system with Vish, open Phorest and go to ManagerIntegrations >  Vish, and then click Connect to Vish.

Need Support with the Integration?

If you're experiencing any issues with the integration between Vish and Phorest, contact

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