Where do I start my Phorest Academy training?

This article will help you to identify where to start from our library of courses in Phorest Academy.

When you log into Phorest Academy for the first time you will see a series of learning paths to suit each typical salon role.

There are four learning paths; Service Providers, Receptionists, Managers and Salon Owners

Click into the role that resonates with you to get started.

In the meantime, here are two courses to ease you in.

  1. Take A Tour - This will introduce you to Phorest Academy, what you can expect to get from each course, how to search for a specific course and download your certificates.
  2. Phorest - Your Day-To-Day - This is the first and most important course for all salon professionals. This course teaches you and your team the basics of the Phorest desktop and Phorest Go mobile app.

Click into the role that resonates with you to start your Day-To-Day course.

Video: Phorest Academy Tour

The Phorest - Your Day-To-Day course contains 8 bite-sized courses designed to get you started with the basics of both your Phorest system and Phorest Go app.

This course will show everyone in your team how to:

  1. Start Your Day

    • Familiarize yourself with the appointment screen, clock in and out and set up your opening cash float.
  2. Manage Your Bookings

    • Schedule, edit, reschedule, or remove bookings in Phorest.
  3. Check Clients Out & Process Sales
    • Deduct professional products, take payments, up-sell products, add a deposit to a booking, sell gift cards and process refunds.
  4. End Your Day - Cash Up & Sales
    • Use reports to monitor your transactions throughout the day, do end-of-day cash up and Identify & amend any discrepancies.
  5. Get Started With Phorest Go
    • Download and set up your Phorest Go account from the desktop, familiarize yourself with navigating the app.
  6. Manage Bookings On The Go
    • Add new clients, manage your bookings and add breaks all from Phorest Go.
  7. Check Out Clients & Sales On The Go
    • Check out clients, add products, services, or gift cards to a ticket and process sales & refunds for any payment type.
  8. Cash Up On The Go
    • Monitor sales, change transactions and balance the daily takings.

Access Phorest Academy Online, On-demand & On-the-go:

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