Phorest Academy training - Where to Start?

This article will help you to identify where to start from our library of courses in Phorest Academy.

Logging into Phorest Academy for the first time may be overwhelming due to the variety of courses on offer. 

For first time users of Phorest Academy, we recommend you enroll in and complete both of the following:

  1. WATCH THIS: Welcome to Phorest Academy video - This will introduce you to Phorest Academy and help you to start your learning journey.
  2. Get Started with Phorest Series - This is the first course recommended to all staff in salon using Phorest as it covers all the daily basics.


The Get Started with Phorest Series contains seven short and snappy courses designed to get you started with the basics of Phorest. 

This series will get you quickly up to speed with:

  1. Understanding the landscape of the screen
  2. Booking appointments
  3. Editing appointments
  4. Processing payments
  5. Paying through appointments
  6. Understanding the client card
  7. Doing an end of day cash up.

Access Phorest Academy Online, On-demand & On-the-go:

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