How to contact clients for your salon reopening

This article will show you how to send an email to clients with information about your salon reopening.

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Step-by-Step Guide

To send an email communicating your salon's re-opening plan to clients, go to Marketing > Compose Email.


There are pre-made templates already designed in Phorest for different approaches to re-opening your salons and open bookings to clients. Click Email Templates.


The Salon Reopening templates will appear first within the email template options. There are 5 templates to choose from. Select the Reach Out to Clients template.


A preview of the template will appear first. Scroll up and down to preview all content within the template. Once happy, click Use Template


Using the template will bring it back to the email editor to make any changes needed. 


Finish making any changes to the email templates in line with your salon voice and brand.  Click Save & Close


Now you're ready to send the campaign to clients. Click Next.


Your communication to clients should be clear and for all client's awareness. Select All Clients to send this email to. Click Next 


Pending which template was chosen, it's possible to recapture client groups from during the salon closure whose appointment was cancelled, marked as a no show, or shown support by purchasing an online gift card/voucher. Click Client Groups and choose one of the following options under Visit History or Vouchers.




For any clients who are missing email addresses, switch Fallback SMS on to Yes. This will send these clients an SMS with a link to view your email campaign, the salon has a wider audience reach and everyone can now access your Online Store.


There is an option to Schedule Campaign for a later time. This may be beneficial for lining up your communication ahead of reopening. Otherwise, continue to Send Campaign now.


Confirm how many messages are to be sent. Click Send.


The email campaign is now sent to clients to announce the salon reopening. The campaign is now active in View Campaigns section and selecting the campaign will allow you to view the results.


To learn about more areas like this in your Phorest system, enrol in our SMS & Email Marketing Campaigns course in Phorest Academy - online, on-demand and on-the-go learning for busy salon professionals.

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