How do I exclude a a staff member from a Special Offer?

This article will show you how you can stop certain Staff Members from being booked for specific Special Offers.

You may wish to exclude staff for many reasons such as; to free up your Manager from Special offers, or have an offer for a junior member of staff only (by excluding all other staff) in order to build up their profile.

Step-by-step guide

Go to Manager > Special Offers and double-click on the Special Offer you wish to edit.

Once you're on the editing screen, click the +Add button below the EXCLUDED Staff box, then double-click the staff member you wish to exclude from the Special Offer.


Repeat this process for any additional staff that should be excluded from the Special Offer.

If you accidentally add a Staff Member to the Excluded list, single-click their name and then click the X button to remove them from the Excluded Staff list.


If an attempt to book a staff member on the excluded list in for the Special Offer, a warning message will pop-up on the Appointments screen.


The Staff Member(s) will also not bookable online for this Special Offer.

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