How do I give security access to on a Mac?

Mac computers will block us from connecting to your computer until some settings are turned on by you. You will need to follow these instructions to change your security settings.

On your mac go to:

Järjestelmäasetukset - > Suojaus ja yksityisyy -> Yksityisyy

Before changing any settings you will need to click the small lock icon and enter your password.


You will need to turn on access for Phorest Tuki every where you see it in this section.

For sure you will need to click Käyttöapu, and on some newer versions of Macs you will need to turn it on for Näytöntallennus and Koko levyn käyttö too.

We recommend checking all the options on the left side and if you see Phorest Tuki, please turn it on like this:



Now that you have those settings turned on, and if you have already connected to Phorest Tuki you might need to disconnect and reconnect.


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