How do I claim VAT/GST back on my Online Booking deposits? (Europe & Australia)

If you are registered for VAT/GST you can now claim VAT/GST back on Custom Online Booking Deposits through Phorest Pay. This will make online bookings more cost-effective than ever.

Note: To claim back VAT/GST on bookings deposits you will need to have a PhorestPay account set up. Click here for a guide on how to get started.

VAT/GST can be claimed back on

Where Do I find my PhorestPay VAT/GST Invoice?

Go to Manager > PhorestPay, and click the View Invoices button.


From your Invoice portal, you can download your PhorestPay invoices which can then be used by you or your accountant to claim back the VAT/GST paid.

Here's an example of a PhorestPay invoice


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