How do I store a client's card payment details with Phorest Pay?

This article will show you how you can save/add a client's credit card details either automatically at checkout or manually through their client card.

  In Europe/Australia and using PhorestPay?

If you're in Europe or Australia and using PhorestPay, note that card details are automatically stored on their client card after they make a booking online or if you choose to save card details when a client is paying an In-House Deposit.

Storing a Card at Checkout

  1. When processing the payment, choose the payment type Credit.
  2. Check the Save Card Details box (checked by default) then continue with and complete the payment. 


Storing a Card Manually

  1. Go to Clients, search for the client, then double-click to open their Client Card
  2. Select Credit Terms.
  3. Select Add Card.
  4. Your Phorest Pay device will prompt for card details to be entered.
  5. Once the card details have been entered, you will then see the card details have been. Remember to press Save to finish.


The next time this client goes to pay for an appointment, you will have the option to use this stored card (see Using a Stored Card for Payment).

Note: Staff members must have View and Edit Credit Terms enabled in their Access level to do this. Check out this guide to find out how to adjust Access levels.

Using a Stored Card for Payment

To use the stored card click the purple Phorest Pay payment type and click Pay once again, the Phorest Pay device will then ask you to confirm the amount.

To select a different stored card that is attached to the client card you will click the arrow next to the Phorest Pay payment type.


Phorest Pay Device:

When storing a client's credit card and using a client's credit card to pay for an item the Phorest system will look for the default Phorest Pay device. If you have multiple Phorest Pay devices please ensure you are using the default device assigned. 

You can check the default device assigned to that Phorest system by going to Manager > Settings > Point Of Sale > Device > Credit Card Configuration

Note: Phorest does not store the card on the Phorest system but rather tokenize the card as the card details are stored on International Bancard's secure servers, this is fully PCI compliant. 

Please also be sure to read the important information regarding cardless checkout on Phorest Pay

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