How do I assign a Phorest Pay merchant account to a staff member?

Note: Due to regulatory constraints this feature is only available in North America.

If you have a merchant account set up for your staff member, you can assign this merchant account to their staff profile so that any sales assigned to this staff member will go into their bank account.

To assign a merchant account to a staff profile you will:

  1. Go to Manager > Staff Members
  2. Single-click on the staff member's name
  3. Click Self Employed/Tax
  4. Set the Self Employed to Yes
  5. Choose the appropriate merchant account under in the Card Merchant Account dropdown
  6. Click Save

Note: You cannot edit a sale that has been processed using a staff merchant account in any way. The sale would need to be voided and processed again if any change needs to be made to that sale. For more information on how to void a sale in Phorest Pay, click here.

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