How do I distribute tips with Phorest Pay?

Note: Due to regulatory constraints this feature is only available in North America.

Once a credit card sale has gone through Phorest Pay you can distribute the tips that were given.

Immediately after a sale has been successfully taken a change due to screen will appear on Phorest. If a tip is given the Change Due screen will have a Distribute Tip button. This will allow you to edit the tip amounts that were given to each staff member and add extra staff members to the tip.




You can also redistribute the tips after the sale has gone through if you:

  1. Go to Manager
  2. Click Sales
  3. Click on the Sale
  4. Click Edit
  5. Click on the Staff Tip button next to the Tip payment type
  6. You can then Edit the tip amount for each staff member / Change the staff members / Remove a staff member
  7. Click Confirm
  8. Click Pay
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