How do I add Technical Referral Commission for Stylists

This article outlines how to set up referral commissions for your stylists so that they receive referral commissions for technical services performed by other members of staff on the same client.

Set up the standard commission for the stylist. If you need help with this follow this guide. Let's call this 40% Service.

You can set up another commission called 5% Referral. The referral commission should be based on the services that technicians perform on the stylist's clients, that they will get a percentage of. You should now have two commissions created in Manager/Commissions like below.


We will now apply these to each stylist. We apply the standard commission for the stylist under the staff member settings, and the referral under the Advanced tab of the staff member in question. You can create multiple commissions to handle stylists who are on different rates.


You can track this information in the Staff Commission Overview report and filter by name and date range at the side.

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