How to add a shut down time to a service?

This article explains how to add a Shut Down time to a service.

A Shut Down time may be applied to a service that requires time after the service is completed. It can be used for services that require drying time for a client, such as manicure and pedicure services. The Shut Down time applied, will be the amount of time you have in-between the service ending and the closing time of the salon. 

Click on Manager > Service

Search for the service you wish to edit. Click the Service name to edit

In the service screen, click Advanced. Add a Shut Down duration to adjust the Shut Down time of your service. Click Save.

The Shut Down Time you enter here will determine the last time of the day that this service can be booked. From the example below, this service can only be booked if there are 15 minutes in between the service finishing and when the business is closed.

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