Attitude of Gratitude Set-up

Use the Attitude of Gratitude this Christmas and fill your January Appointment book! Give your Clients a gift as a thank you when they visit the salon this December.


For those of you who already have their cards the below will outline some instructions on how to get started.

Attitude of Gratitude

Set up for the Attitude of Gratitude

This will help you set up the discount and measure cards redeemed at end of promotion

Firstly, set up the discount name:


When adding the discount, do not set it as a percentage- change the drop down so that it is a flat amount. See below where to add. Name the discount 'AoG 2021'


In January:

1. When your clients produce the card to be redeemed

2. At the payment screen, click the little setting symbol (see image below)

3. Select 'AoG 2021'- This will automatically deduct the card amount.


*The cards do not need to be registered, simply hand out the cards and apply the discount when the card is presented to be redeemed in January


Note: You can check our Discounts and Special Offers report to get a detailed breakdown of how your Attitude of Gratitude offer is performing. Information on this report can be found here.

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