How do I award TreatCard referral points to a client?

The client receives bonus points for each new client they introduce to your salon. When setting up the new client's client card, you enter the information of the referrer (shown below) and they receive SMS notification of the bonus points and a thank you. See How to set-up a TreatCard referral scheme. to ensure it's set up correctly.

Step-by-step guide

When setting up the new client's client card, in the box that says Referred by entering the client's name who has given the referral

You will see the below notification pop-up

If you chose Yes, The client who gave the referral will receive the following SMS "Thanks <<ClientFirstName>> for recommending us to <<ReferredClient>>. We've put <<Points>> Treat Points on your TreatCard!<<SalonName>>" (You can change this if you like)

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