This article will show you how to take payments for a Video Consultation.

Note: If you are based in the US and have Phorest Pay you can store your client's card details when they book online. This allows you to charge the client's card for the remainder of the fee.

If you don't have Phorest Pay and/or reside outside of the US we have included some options for you to take payment for Video Consultations.

GIF: Use a 3rd party payment provider like PayPal or Stripe

1605694682854-Add a Payment Type.gif

This allows you to generate a payment link and send it to your clients. You will need to create a new Payment Type in Phorest to pay the appointment through.

Manually charge clients using a card terminal

You will either need the card terminal at hand and take payment over the phone or take your client's card details to process at a later time.

Video: Request Payment Via An Online Gift Voucher & Pay Through

You can modify the end of your gift voucher link to include the Video Consultation amount and send it to clients ahead of the service. When you pay the appointment through you can select the Gift Voucher payment type.

  1. EXAMPLE: Go to Manager > Settings > Online Gift Voucher Sales and copy the Voucher sales URL
  2. Next, if the service costs £20, you can add ?amount=20 the end of your Gift Voucher URL like so:

GIF: Offer Video Consultations as a free service

1605694795441-Pay through a Free Service.gif

If you would prefer to offer Video Consultations as a free service, remove the service Price.

Once the consultation has taken place, pay the service through as normal. As it's free, you won't need to select a payment method.

To learn about more areas like this in your Phorest system enroll in our Video Consultations - Virtual Is The New Reality course in Phorest Academy - online, on-demand, and on-the-go learning for busy salon professionals.

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