How do I enable/customize the booking confirmation email?

This article will show to edit the confirmation email to send to clients shortly after appointment creation

Go to MarketingTemplates/FiltersConfirmations


To enable your Confirmation Emails, simply check the Send Confirmation Emails on New Appointments box and click Save. Confirmation emails will then be sent to all clients automatically a few minutes after they book an appointment.


You can also check the Also send Confirmation SMS on New Appointment box to send an SMS confirmation as well/instead if you like. Below is an image of what the Confirmation SMS looks like


Note: You cannot edit the Confirmation SMS template.

Editing the Email Template

You can use the toolbar at the top of the template to customize the format of the template, by adding Gridlines (1), adding custom images (2), adding a numbered list (3) or bullet point list (4), change the text alignment (5, 6, 7), change the text to bold (8) or italic (9), change the font size (10), or add a custom hyperlink to a page on your/any website (11)


There are Macros (buttons on the right side of the screen) that can be entered into the template. This will customize the email for each recipient automatically. A Macro is a special piece of code that gets replaced with information specific to each recipient. For example, the <<Client First Name>> macro will be replaced with each recipient's first name.

List of Macros in this section:

  • <<Client First Name>> Puts in the client's first name in the email.
  • <<Client Last Name>> Puts in the client's last name in the email.
  • <<Staff First Name>> Puts in the name of the member of staff they are booked in with.
  • <<Date>> Puts in the Date of the appointment.
  • <<Time>> Puts in the Time of the appointment.
  • <<Salon Name>> Puts in the name of the Salon.
  • <<Salon Address>> Puts in the Salon Address.
  • <<Salon Number>> Puts in the Salon number.
  • <<Appointment Link>> Puts in the link to view the full Appointment (clients will need to have an Online Booking account to see their Appointment history)
  • <<Rebooking Link>> Links the client to your Online Booking page to get them to rebook (you will need to have Online Booking set up in order for this to work)

Macros can also be entered into the email Subject field.

Note: The following macros will not work in the subject - <<Salon Address>>, <<Appointment Link>> and <<Rebooking Link>>

 Confirmation Content Disclaimer

It is important that your Confirmation email/SMS does not contain any marketing/promotional content. For more information on transactional vs marketing messages, click here.

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