How do I log in to Phorest Academy in Phorest?

This article will show you what to do if you are asked to log into Phorest Academy in your Phorest system

By accessing Phorest Academy within your Phorest system and see the following screen, this means you should update your Phorest system.


There should be no need to log into Phorest Academy in your Phorest system using any username or password. By having an email address in your staff profile in Phorest and using staff pins, there should be a seamless log into your own learning portal account.

To resolve this you will need to update your Phorest system.

Go to

From the website, identify which device  Windows or Mac desktop/laptop and download the relevant update for you.

Once the system is updated, each staff should be able to seamlessly log into Phorest Academy when they click the Training followed by Launch Phorest Academy.


Phorest Academy will open in a new web browser outside of your Phorest system.

This allows you to learn and use Phorest simultaneously.



Access Phorest Academy Online, On-demand & On-the-go:

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