How do I download the Phorest Academy learning app?

This article will show you how to download and log in to Phorest Academy learning app.

Phorest Academy is available to download on android or apple mobile devices, tablets or iPads. 

Download the Phorest Academy learning app.

Phorest Academy on mobile devices is powered by a 3rd party application called SAP Litmos Training. This app is available for download through the Apple store and Google Play on both smartphone and tablet devices.

 Click here to download the app on your smart device now! (iOS 9.0+ / Android 5.0+ Required)

Log into the Phorest Academy Learning App

After downloading and opening up the Phorest Academy (SAP Litmos Training) app for the first time, enter the domain name first. 

The domain name to enter is phorest-education


Click Continue to continue.  Enter your email and password. (To set your password up using the web browser link - See this article to create your web-browser password).

Note: The email address should match the one that is set on your Staff Profile in Phorest.


Click this link here for help Logging out of the Phorest Academy App.

Access Phorest Academy Online, On-demand & On-the-go:

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