How Do I Get Phorest Online Booking?

Regardless of how long you have been a client with us, we have already set up the majority of Online Booking for you in the background so it's pretty quick to get everything set up and get your clients booking in.

You have three options when it comes to setting up the online booking.

We will do it for you. (75% of our clients choose this option)

This option is the easiest, you provide us with the login details for your website and/or Facebook account, our web developer accesses the page on your behalf and embeds the widget, and integrates the booking system into the page. It's tested to ensure it works across mobile phones, tablets, and computers. 

This service is provided free of charge for Phorest clients and on receiving your details your service will be live and up and running on your website and/or Facebook page within 24 hours.

Your web developer or friend will do it for you. (20% of our clients choose this option)

You provide us your web developers contact details, our web developer will contact them on your behalf and provide them with all the information to get Phorest linked to your page. Then it's up to your web developer or friend to carry out the work. Our web developer will be on hand to assist them should they require further information or modifications.

You will be cc'd on all emails to keep you in the loop of the progress of your Online Booking.

Please be aware that some web developers have previously invoiced their clients for this work, if this is the case we would recommend allowing our web developer to do the work free of charge for you.

You will do it. (5% of our clients choose this option)

We provide you with step by step guides on how to integrate Phorest into your website or Facebook yourself. If you are not very confident with HTML or CSS editing this option is not recommended for you. 

How Do I Get Started?

Regardless of which option you choose, all clients must fill in a secure form in order to send us their details securely over the internet. You can provide information for all three options securely and then this information is immediately forwarded to our web developer who will start setting up Online Booking for you


What Happens Next?

Once your details have been received, our web developer will either access your page on your behalf, contact your web developer or forward you all the integration details. Your page will be monitored until the work has been completed and once completed you will be contacted by email and SMS to confirm that your Online Booking is now live and available for clients.

You will then be emailed a pack on how best to promote your online booking, in order to get clients starting to use the service. Examples may be to alter your voicemail or send an email or sms campaign. 

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