How do I add Phorest online booking to my Facebook page?

This article will show you how to link your Online Booking page to your Facebook page.

Facebook allows you to place a Contact Us button on your Facebook business page, which is otherwise known as a 'Call to Action' button. This button allows clients to be redirected from Facebook to your Phorest online booking system.

Log Into your Facebook account and access your business page. Then click Add Page Button. From the list of options, click Contact US and click Next.


In the Website sectionenter your online booking link and click Save.

You can obtain your online booking link from your Phorest system in the Online Booking Settings Menu under Manager > Settings > Online.


Your button has now been created and will direct your customers to your online booking when it is clicked. Facebook has designed the button to be mobile friendly and to work from within their dedicated Android and iOS apps on mobile phones and tablets. We would recommend having a look on your business page to have a look at how it works.

Note: We are currently working on integrating with the Book Now button on Facebook, but for now the Contact Us button must be used.

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